Supporting Music Youth Partnership


Music Youth Partnership graciously accepts and thanks anyone who takes the time to support our organization! Every penny goes toward bettering a music students education, and every instrument goes directly into the hands of an underprivileged music student.

The Chord

To directly benefit and support our young musicians, Join the Chord! Each penny earned from Chord members goes directly back to our students and their musical journey. These donations can be a one-time donation, or they can be regular weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. If you would like to support this specific cause, please follow the buttons immediately below!

A Note-Worthy Cause

Help us keep our office lights on! While not all of the “Note-Worthy” fund will go directly to our young musicians, it does indirectly impact their journey by allowing our staff to have a place to work! These donations are one time donations that support our cause directly.

Music Youth Partnership EIN: 85-4225850

Instrument Donation:

Have an instrument collecting dust in a closet, attic or basement? Are you tired of it cluttering up your space? Ready to give it a new home? Please email to begin the process of donating an instrument! Any and all instrument donations are welcome!


Need volunteer hours for school or work? Just want to put some good into the world? Come work with us! To volunteer for MYP, or any of our upcoming events, please email Robyn at!

Spread the Word!

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